The product range of furniture factory RATCO

RATCO factory sells theater seats for all types of Halls. Reliable and stylish armchairs are manufactured in accordance with the latest technologies. High quality and reasonable pricing characterize the whole range of our products. Both, technical production methods, which have no analogies in Russia, and the use of modern materials guarantee that ourproduct line meets the highest standards of safety and comfort.

Продукция мебельной фабрики Ратко

The factory offers 5 types of seats of own production, that are nowadays seen as the most popular. We have purposefully limited the range of products to ensure the best performance and style of each of our armchair sample. We also offer more than 100 types of chairs produced by Carandi and Hongji.

Producing armchairs for several years now, our company has gained a wealth of experience in supplying a variety of audiences. This experience is of great value when it comes to conquer the trickiest and the most complex projects, which at first seemed as unsolvable. We assume all stages of development, preparation, selection and placement, as well as delivery and installation of furniture, decoration and warranty service.


4 основных преимущества кресел
нашего производсва


Surely, the delivery timeframe is the key factor for most of our clients. We are working with important projects, where even a day of delay is unacceptable due to high financial costs. Our company puts special effort in minimizing time expenditure in order to satisfy our customers, who are always pleasantlysurprised that we can carry out even large orders so quickly.


The delivery, done by RATCO is both the quickest and the cheapest in comparison with our competitors. At the same time we are doing all we can in order to meet the customers’ needs, thus we offer discounts for large orders. After all every entrepreneur is quite aware of the importance of transportation costs, which, if managed inappropriately and unwisely could make a business too costly to run.


We should also remember the costs of seats. We are proud of our offer. We are the local producers, who thus capable of offering affordable prices.


The faulty products appear at times even in the most renown firms, thus we, unlike many other market players, do accept such possibility, in which case the customer may contact RATCO at any time and get an immediate replacement.

What venues could be furnished with our chairs?

It may seem that the world market is oversupplied with the furniture and that only few customers cannot find suitable seats. This is particularly the case when it comes to equipping venues for large audiences such as theaters and cinemas.

Although RATCO is providing only 5 types of armchairs of own production, our catalogues offer products that will satisfy any need and taste.